Why We Are Here

It Is In Our DNA To Look For Solutions

We’re are a group of eccentric entrepreneurs and talented engineers, linked by our mutual fascination for AI-powered computer vision technologies. We build products that transform the way organisations interact with visual data and make people better at what they do, by augmenting human intelligence, instead of replacing it. 

As the world encompassing us is getting more complex, we find ourselves in situations where reasonable judgements and decisions are increasingly difficult, due to the inability of processing the sheer amount of information that we are confronted with each day. Think about it, “a weekend edition of the New York Times contains more information on average than a regular person in the 17th century would come across throughout his entire life”. 

Intriguingly, computers are excelling in processing and categorising vast quantities of data in very little time. But to accomplish this task also they need to learn a few things yet. For instance, they need to learn how to see: computer vision. Computer vision solutions automate the process of collecting digital images and analyzing them at an in-depth level to inform decision-making.  It's a a challenging field, where market entry barriers are high and error-margins thin, though, when problem-solving is not just a phrase but a framework, no challenge is left untackled.